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Though we pride ourselves in being a pest control company, we offer so much more. One of our other specialties is new and old construction, and working with a lot of home builders and relators. By applying borate-based termiticide during construction - soaking deep into the wooden structural framework of the home, sets up a barrier that sends termites packing. Our wood pretreatment technology is highly effective and works on virtually every wood product like structural framing, plywood, particleboard and other cellulose-based building materials. It is then applied around vulnerable areas like wood framing supports.

When you pretreat wood from termite damage it adds an extra layer of protection - keeping termites from reaching non-treated areas. What better value can you bring to a new homeowner then peace of mind and assurance their biggest investment is protected from insect damage?


If you are a realtor and need a (WDIR) we can help. Real Estate Inspection. If you are closing on a new home and need a wood destroying information report, please feel free to use ours. Realtors give us a call to perform the wood destroying inspection as we do a COMPLETE check from the attic to the crawl space for ANY kind of wood destroying activity. 

Reports can be downloaded here from our website, alternatively you can fill out the form below and submit.

Wood Destroying Insect Information Reports for Real Estate Transactions

WDIR Realtor Form

PLEASE fax a listing sheet with directions to the property along with the request to: (336)     
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