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Ayden, NC Pest Control

Pest Control In Ayden, NC

Of all the towns in Pitt County, Ayden's is one of the best! Living or doing business here offers the best of both worlds; small-town living and being part of the Greenville Metro area in North Carolina's beautiful Inner Banks region. Whether you're here for leisure living or to run a successful business, Ayden's the place to be.

Unfortunately, pests find Ayden a beautiful place to live as well. When they interrupt your way of living, it's time to call on Otho's Pest Management for the best pest control in Ayden. Our reliable services stem from over 44 years of experience as a local, dependable business, not some unattached corporation that isn't concerned about your well-being. As a local home or business owner, there's no better choice of pest control or landscaping company to rely on than ours!

We offer competitive rates to keep our services affordable. With exceptional customer service and conveniently scheduled appointments, it's no wonder why we've become the most trusted pest control company in Ayden! 

Otho's Pest Management has proudly served over 10,000 homes in the community. Become part of our loyal customer network by contacting us to schedule your free inspection and estimate today!

Residential Pest Control In Ayden

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If you're looking for the best services for residential pest control in Ayden, you've come to the right website! We've been helping homeowners rid their places of pests one appointment at a time, building a loyal customer following in the process. We're here to help you as well! With over 10,000 satisfied customers, you know you can count on us for all your pest control needs.

The process starts with an inspection. We begin by looking at the areas you've seen pests or pest activity and continue by looking for conducive conditions that make your house a pest's ideal home. Then, we develop a customized treatment plan that will make your house pest-free in the most efficient and effective possible way.

We don't just offer one-time services for home pest control - we can be there for you if you want to protect your property continuously! We offer monthly and quarterly services for potentially pesky problems that take more attention to keep at bay. For all your pest control needs, Otho's Pest Management is the company to call!

Commercial Pest Control In Ayden

We're here to offer you the best commercial pest control services in Ayden! We've serviced over 4,000 businesses in our local community and are here to help your Aiden property become and remain pest-free. We use the best practices in the industry to create a pest-free environment your customers and employees can continue to appreciate for years to come.

Protect the reputability of your brand voice by stopping pests in their tracks with our professional help! We currently offer quality commercial pest control services for the following types of establishments:

  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Work Shops

Contact us to discuss your commercial property and see how we can help you! If pests are a problem, we're here to handle them. That way, you can focus on your business and how to help it thrive in Ayden!

How Termite Infestations In Ayden Start

If termites make their way onto or into your property, it's time to call Otho's Pest Management for the best termite prevention in Ayden! Even though we can take care of the problem for you, you may wonder how they got there in the first place. So how do termite infestations in Ayden start?

A few key factors will attract termites to your home or business facility. Wood touching the ground, high moisture, and climate are all factors that can bring termites to your property. If they do infest your property, they can take a toll on its structural integrity over time.

We're here to prevent that from happening! Contact us to schedule your termite inspection with our team today. Our team works quickly to keep the problem from recurring with the most effective control services in the area. We have the extensive specialized tools and dedication it takes to make your property termite-free again!

The Trick To A Moisture-Free Home In Ayden

One of the most attractive factors for pests is moisture! There are so many types of pests that love environments with high amounts of moisture that it's almost a guarantee that some will gravitate to an area of your home that's notoriously humid. If you're looking to prevent pest infestations before they start, one of the best actions to take is to make your home moisture-free!

That's where we come in to help. The trick to a moisture-free home is relying on professionals to provide you with the crawl space moisture control service your property needs! We offer fungi control, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and drains to keep your indoor air quality great for you but bad for pests.

Protect your property from mold, pests, and more. Contact us today to get the process started! We look forward to hearing from you!

Prevent Wildlife From Making Your Ayden Home Their Home

When you think of pest control, bugs probably come to mind. Although insects and other bugs make up a large portion of the pest control calls fielded by Otho’s Pest Management, we also get quite a few calls about area wildlife that has gotten too close for comfort. 

It’s not unusual for wildlife to visit the yards of Ayden homeowners, but when those animals decide to stick around, they can become a problem. Bats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, and other wildlife are all common in our area and can easily find their way into or around your house. To prevent wildlife from getting into your house, causing damage, and spreading diseases, it’s wise to make your property unattractive to them. Do this by:

  • Eliminating food sources in your yard.

  • Reducing moisture around your property.

  • Keeping your yard and landscaping well-maintained and free of debris.

  • Storing outdoor garbage bins away from your house and making sure they have tightly-fitting lids.

  • Sealing entry points into your house.

If you see or hear wildlife in or around your house, Otho’s Pest Management offers the wildlife control in Ayden that your property needs. We’ll custom-design a plan for your particular situation to humanely remove the problem and make sure it can’t come back.

The Benefits Of Pre-Treatment Construction Services In Ayden

Building a new home is exciting. It’s also stressful. There are so many decisions to make, and it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right ones. You want your house to be strong, safe, and beautiful, and one way to ensure that happens is by getting a termite pre-treatment service from Otho’s Pest Management. 

Termites are a serious concern in Ayden. They are active throughout the year, and if they get into your house, they will cause serious damage. Imagine spending all that time and money on your new home only to find out that termites have damaged it from the inside out. By having a pre-treatment performed, you can ensure that your home is fully protected from termites and the problems they cause.

Otho’s Pest Management provides Ayden termite treatments for new construction. Whether you have started to build your home or are just starting to get the ground ready, we offer treatment options before, during, or after the construction process. Get in touch with us today to get your home off on the right foot. 

Do-It-Yourself Vs Professional Lawn Care In Ayden

Being able to look out your window at your beautiful lawn is a great feeling. Lush, green grass, flowering shrubs, and healthy trees all combine to create a landscape you love. It’s also nice to know that a well-manicured lawn only adds to your home’s value. 

If you look out the window to see a lawn that looks far less appealing than what you’d like, all hope isn’t lost. While DIY lawn care is the ideal option for many Ayden homeowners, it isn’t for everyone. First of all, it takes a lot of time. Simply mowing your lawn can take an hour or two out of your day. If you add in weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and the many other related tasks, it’s not hard to see how it could quickly get overwhelming. 

DIY lawn care can also be difficult. If your grass is struggling to survive, it’s not always easy to determine what’s wrong with it or what you need to do to help it grow. If you have out-of-control weeds, you might not know which weed control products are best. 

That’s why professional lawn care is the ideal option for many Ayden homeowners. Otho’s Pest Management can take your lawn care tasks off your plate, no matter what they are. Whether you want us to mow your lawn, mulch your gardens, prune your bushes, or take care of all of your landscaping needs, we’re here for you.

Professional Pest Evaluations In Ayden

If you’re a realtor in Ayden, it’s wise to have a trusted pest control company you can reach out to at any time. Whether your client is selling their home or looking for one to buy, you need to know about any potential problems with the home before any deals are brought to the table. 

Otho’s Pest Management offers pest evaluations in Ayden for homes that are for sale. We will conduct a complete inspection of the home to look for any signs of wood-destroying pests. We will also look for areas of previous damage, as well as conditions that might lead to a termite or other wood-destroying insect infestation in the future. 

Once our inspection is complete, we’ll write up a detailed report of our findings and make recommendations about changes or repairs that should be made. Your buyers or sellers can go into the process feeling confident that there will be no surprises.

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