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Getting Rid Of Roaches In Your Greensboro Home For Good!

January 15, 2023 - Cockroaches

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Too often, homeowners try to get rid of pest infestations on their own. But the problem with DIY pest control is that it typically doesn't address the root causes of a pest problem. And where some pests are concerned, like cockroaches, half measures will only result in the problem coming right back. As always, for pest control in Greensboro, there's no one better than Otho's Pest Management. To completely eliminate a roach infestation, you need to turn to the professionals at Otho's Pest Management for comprehensive treatments that eliminate the population and prevent future ones from replacing the issue.

The Dirty Habits And Behaviors Of Common Cockroaches 

Of all the invasive pests, cockroaches may be the most disgusting. Their greasy bodies leave stains behind. They also attract dust and dander that clings to them and then gets spread all over a home. Speaking of stains, they also urinate and defecate with no regard for your home's cleanliness. 

In fact, you'll often spot cockroach droppings, or their discarded skin sheds, long before you'll even spot cockroaches themselves. That's because they tend to stick to a property's dark, damp areas and only emerge when we're asleep or not around to notice them. All the while, they are dragging their gross bodies around your home's surfaces and contaminating whatever food sources they can find. The nasty habits of cockroaches demonstrate precisely why you should take early prevention seriously. 

How Roaches Spread Germs And Trigger Allergies 

Because of these traits and behaviors of cockroaches, they are also dangerous pests to have inside your home. They are known to carry bacteria and viruses, and their presence inside a home can even trigger allergies or asthma attacks. House cockroaches especially like to get inside walls and ductwork, so their germs and dust particles can easily circulate throughout a home. 

Because they hunker down in these places, cockroaches can also be hard to eliminate. Store-bought treatments often can't reach inside these areas, and you can't easily try to kill cockroaches just by stomping on them. Besides, the only way to completely eliminate any pest infestation is to get rid of not just the adult cockroaches that are active, but also the cockroach eggs that might be hidden elsewhere on your property. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Cockroach Infestation In Your Home 

By now, you should be getting a pretty good idea of why it's important to take pest control seriously. Pests can lead to property damage and health concerns, so you should seek the most effective treatment methods. Luckily, there's a local and affordable pest control option for Greenboro residents. 

At Otho's Pest Management, we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of cockroaches. If you already have an infestation, we can eliminate it completely; but we can also apply preventative treatments, so you don't have to worry in the future. So, if you're wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in your home, simply call the experts. 

Five Simple Tips To Prevent Future Cockroach Problems

If you're only reacting to cockroach problems once they're obvious, it's already too late to avoid the consequences of an infestation. Instead, it's important to stay on top of these proven prevention methods: 

  • Food Storage: Leaving food out is a sure way to attract pests, so putting food away and in sealed packaging is crucial. 

  • Cleaning: You also need to deep clean regularly since crumbs and food traces can linger long after meals and attract cockroaches. 

  • Moisture Control: Roaches are also drawn to areas where moisture pools or hangs in the air. Proper moisture control measures inside a home are just as important. 

  • Inspections: To truly spot the signs of cockroaches and all the factors that might attract them, you really need to have a trained expert inspect your home. 

  • Treatments: While you're calling the pros, you might as well have them administer the safe and effective treatments that eliminate cockroaches and ward off future infestations from your home. 

Get started on total cockroach control for your home in Greensboro today by contacting Otho's Pest Management. 

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