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Commercial Pest Control In Asheboro & Washington, NC

Protecting Your Asheboro Business From Pest Threats

Finding pests in your commercial facility can mean a few things. It might mean that there are conditions in or around your building that are attracting pests. It might mean that there is a widespread infestation that you’re only seeing parts of. It might mean that the pests that are active in your building are damaging your building and spreading dangerous germs. Or it might mean a combination of all of these things.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: You have to get rid of your business’s pest problems. Pests won’t leave on their own accord and the longer they’re allowed to remain, the more problems they’ll cause. Otho’s Pest Management has been solving commercial pest problems in Asheboro since 1976. Our local, experienced technicians have the skills necessary to identify, treat, and eliminate your pest infestation.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Our Asheboro commercial services begin with an inspection of your property. We’ll look in the areas where you’ve noticed activity, as well as in common hot spots, such as kitchen cupboards, where food or water is present, and more. We also use our inspection as a time to put simple preventative measures into place. This can include things like removing a food source, identifying a moisture issue that needs to be rectified, or sealing entry points in your foundation.

Once we complete our inspection and know what pest pressures are affecting your business, we’ll apply interior and exterior treatments to take care of the problem and provide preventative control. We’ll explain if there are any areas you should monitor for activity and will schedule a follow-up service if necessary.

Depending on your business’s needs, we can return to your property monthly or quarterly to re-treat the exterior in order to prevent new pest infestations. Our recurring services are guaranteed, so if you have an issue in between scheduled visits, we’ll return to your property to take care of it at no additional charge to you.

Facilities We Service

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Property Management

As a property manager, you have to make sure every aspect of your properties is well taken care of. Let Otho’s Pest Management help you keep them free of damaging pests.

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When pests get into your retail store, they make a mess of your displays, damage your goods, and scare your customers. Keep them out of your store with Otho’s Pest Management.



Maintaining a successful construction business is difficult if pests are working directly against your efforts. Let Otho’s Pest Management keep your construction business pest-free.

Reasons To Choose Otho’s Pest Management For Your Business

When you need commercial pest control, the choice is clear. Otho's Pest Management:

  • Has over 45 years of experience in the pest control field.
  • Is a local business that knows how to handle local pests.
  • Is a family-owned business that has expanded while keeping our small business roots.
  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Offers competitive rates.
  • Offers free estimates.
  • Provides schedule flexibility to meet your business's needs.
  • Targets your specific pest problems.
  • Guarantees our services.

The Best Pest Control For Your Business

Only the best pest control will do when pests threaten your business. Otho's Pest Management serves Washington, Asheboro, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina with high-quality, experienced pest control services to meet your business's unique needs. Contact Otho's Pest Management today and request your free estimate for pest control tailored to your commercial facility's needs.

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