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Wildlife Control In Asheboro & Washington, NC

Otho's Pest Management Keeps Dangerous Wild Animals Out

Have you been experiencing an influx of wild animal activity near your Asheboro home? If so, you are certainly not alone. Rodents, bats, and squirrels are becoming much-too-common invaders in and around the area, followed by a surprising amount of snakes, bats, and small opossums. These animals certainly do not pose much harm from a distance and rarely become a problem for local home and business owners. But when these wild creatures find a way to invade our personal space, they become an overwhelming (and dangerous) presence that needs an immediate resolution.

At Otho's Pest Management, we understand your desire to get rid of wildlife invaders without causing harm or inflicting damage. Our experts can quickly resolve wildlife infestations humanely using a powerful combination of treatments and tech-based solutions. In just a few simple visits, Otho's Pest Management professionals can resolve serious wildlife infestations without maiming, spraying, or applying dangerous chemicals to the environment.

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Humane Wildlife Control From Otho's Pest Management

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Serving the Asheboro and the Washington area, Otho's Pest Management understands just how critical regular wildlife control can be. More counties in the area do not offer animal control for wildlife and may be slow, unhelpful, or unwilling to resolve what they consider a 'non-serious' issue. At Otho's Pest Management, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get the help they deserve, resolving any and every wildlife infestation that comes our way. In our fifty years of service to Asheboro and beyond, there's no pest problem we haven't resolved!

Otho's Pest Management is a licensed wildlife damage control agent affiliated with the NC Wildlife Federation and NC Pest Management Association. We proudly protect Asheboro homes and businesses from any form of wildlife activity, harnessing safe animal control methods that eradicate your problem efficiently and safely. 

We take a three-step approach to wildlife management and control in Asheboro:

  1. We investigate your entire property for the signs and symptoms of a pest invasion, including evaluating the yard, the attic, the basement, or the crawl space. We listen intently to each of your personal needs and direct our focus to any problem areas that you have located.
  2. The treatment process begins as soon as we have developed a personalized wildlife protocol. We do our part to provide education about where and why the animal has chosen to infest and include solutions for future prevention. We won't start our treatments until you are completely happy with our detailed next steps.
  3. Even once the wildlife has been removed from your property, Otho's Pest Management will continue to provide follow-up visits. Our technicians will revisit the property to ensure that your infestation is gone and apply any secondary treatments to remove the root of the issue.

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Easy Ways To Prevent Wildlife Infestations In Asheboro

Of course, the best way to protect your Asheboro property against unwanted wildlife activity is to discourage their interest entirely. We include a specific list of steps and prevention activities designed to make your home less attractive to animals and their young.

Start with these simple ideas to begin the process of wildlife-proofing your Asheboro yard:

  • Eliminate All Food Sources - Make sure that no easy food sources are available on your property. Remove pet food, garbage, bird food, fallen fruit, and nesting materials. Keep your yard clean and free of debris to reduce the chances of animals taking up residence near the property.
  • Secure Your Home - Check the perimeter of your property for any potential entry points. These may include cracks in the foundation, gaps under doors or windows, or holes in soffits or vents. Be sure to repair any damage as soon as possible, and keep an eye out for future infestations.
  • Manage Outdoor Vegetation - If you have any trees, bushes, or other vegetation on your property, make sure they are well-trimmed and maintained to eliminate potential hiding spots and nesting sites for animals.

If you have already tried these tips and are still struggling against a wildlife pest invasion, don't hesitate to call Otho's Pest Management as soon as possible for home pest control in Asheboro. We are here for you.

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