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Reliable Pest Control In Winterville, NC

The main trait about pests people tend to underestimate is how determined they are to invade our properties. We call certain animals “pests” because they scavenge our food and trash, invade our structures for shelter, and cause nothing but problems in the process. 

All properties have a risk of pests because all properties have something pests are looking for. In communities like Winterville, where suburban life overlaps with rural Pitt County, pests can easily migrate from the wilderness and into our yards or homes. To avoid this, you need pest control in Winterville that’s proactive and comprehensive. 

Learn how Otho’s Pest Management can help today. 

Residential Pest Control In Winterville

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Keeping pests out of your home can seem like an impossible task. Sure, you may be able to clamp down on some rodents and cockroaches before they hunker down, but then an ant population will slip through the cracks and crawl all over your counters. Even home pest removal methods that appear to work often only address the surface level of the infestation, not the source of the problem. 

Professional pest control helps keep out all types of pests, with solutions that are wide-ranging and fast-acting. At Otho’s Pet Management, we aim to repay homeowners’ trust in us by providing them with the best home pest control in Winterville that money can buy. 

Here’s why so many North Carolinians turn to us for protection: 

  • Family-owned and operated: Founded in the 1970s by our grandfather Otho, we’ve continued his vision of excellence in pest control and customer satisfaction. 

  • Pest control and landscaping: To truly keep your property safe from pests, we offer both traditional pest control and comprehensive landscaping services that keep your yard healthy and protected against infestations that might form outside. 

  • Free estimates: With just a simple phone call, we can provide a service estimate for your pest needs. 

Don’t wait for pests to become a problem before you get proper protection; contact Otho’s Pest Management today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Winterville

It isn’t just homeowners who have to worry about pests and the threats they cause. Local businesses can’t afford the property damage that pest infestations lead to, nor the fines or closures associated with pervasive infestations that go unaddressed and lead to action by regulators. 

This is why Otho’s Pest Management helps Winterville business owners deal with pests quickly. Better yet, we can provide long-term and ongoing protection against pest problems so they never form in the first place. 

Here are the kinds of commercial properties we specialize in:

  • Retail: Even stores that don’t sell food products can be attractive to pests that feed on clothing items or want to hide in the ample storage areas that these kinds of retail spaces provide. 

  • Property management: Companies responsible for a wide portfolio of properties and the people who live and work in them need to take pest control seriously. We help property management companies with everything from termite inspections to broad-spectrum pest treatments.  

  • Construction: We specialize in construction pre-treatments and inspections, ensuring pests don’t damage new properties before they can even be sold and ensuring that those properties last for decades, as intended. 

For commercial pest control in Winterville, turn to Otho’s Pest Management. 

How To Prevent Termites Getting To Your Winterville Home

If you only respond to pest problems once they’re apparent, you’re asking for trouble. No pest exemplifies this better than termites, which damage properties by chewing through the wooden materials that make up our structures and the trees in our yards. By the time this damage is obvious, the termite colony will likely have already grown to hazardous levels. 

This is why you need to turn to termite control experts for early and frequent inspections and protection. At Otho’s Pest Management, our termite inspections don’t just check for the presence of wood-destroying bugs, but also factors around your property that attract them. We can also treat your yard, exterior, and perimeter with treatments that defend against termite infestations. 

Don’t let your Winterville home suffer from termites; contact Otho’s Pest Management right away and get started on out termite prevention services in Winterville.

Damages And Dangers Wildlife Infestations Bring

Some pests fall into larger categories that require unique approaches to address. In North Carolina, wildlife pests include species like raccoons, mice, squirrels, and bats. All of these invasive species can cause problems around your yard and home, including property damage and diseases. 

Addressing such a wide range of pests requires knowledge of how they migrate and nest, as well as the times of the day and year when each of these species is most active. To avoid wildlife moving onto your property or invading on a nightly basis, you need wildlife control from the experts at Otho’s Pest Management. We offer yard inspections and treatments, as well as exclusion methods that keep wildlife out. 

Most other companies don’t offer regular or effective wildlife control, and they may be slow to respond to issues in areas like Pitt County. That’s where Otho’s Pest Management is a cut above the competition, offering fast response times and help against all the common wildlife pests. 

Don’t let wildlife cause problems around your property; turn to Otho’s Pest Management for wildlife control services in Winterville

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