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Reduce Unwanted Moisture in Your Home

Moisture Control Services

Serving Randleman, NC | Washington, NC

Excess moisture isn’t just inconvenient—it poses a significant threat to your home’s integrity. It can result in mold growth, structural decay, pest infestations, and compromised indoor air quality. Our moisture control services deploy effective strategies such as humidity management, dehumidification, crawl space encapsulation, and the installation of vapor barriers to maintain a dry, healthy living environment.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation and Vapor Barrier Installation

Securing Your Home's Lower Levels

Often ignored, crawl spaces and basements are vital to your home’s overall health. Neglect can lead to severe consequences. Whether your crawl space is in dire condition or just needs a tune-up, we provide essential services to safeguard your living space:

  • Dehumidification: Ideal for homes affected by flooding or long-term neglect, our dehumidification process effectively reduces indoor humidity to safe, comfortable levels.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: Targeting moisture originating from the ground, encapsulation involves installing a robust moisture barrier that seals your crawl space, preventing moisture from entering your home.
  • Vapor Barrier Installation: A straightforward and efficient method to curb moisture, this installation involves placing a durable barrier over your crawl space soil, reducing vapor migration and protecting against moisture-related damages.

Comprehensive Protection

Enhanced Moisture Control for Crawl Spaces

In the Randleman and Washington, NC Area area, ignoring crawl space moisture can invite pests and structural issues. Our comprehensive moisture control strategies include:

  • Advanced Technology and Expertise: Utilizing the latest technology and skilled professionals, we promptly address crawl space issues, offering effective and quick solutions.
  • Customized Solutions: After a detailed assessment, we tailor our services to match the specific needs of your home, whether it requires a simple fix or a complete overhaul.
  • Installation of Vapor Barriers: Our 6-millimeter poly covering spans the entire ground area, sealing off moisture and preventing fungal growth.
  • Dehumidifiers and Drains: We install dehumidifiers for areas with high moisture levels and drains to manage water effectively, ensuring a dry and healthy space.

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Pest Management Tips

Preventing Pests in Your Crawl Space

An untreated crawl space is a gateway for pests. Here are strategies to keep it pest-free:

  • Vegetation Management: Trim any overgrowth around your home to reduce pest hiding spots.
  • Compost Management: Regularly turn your compost to decrease its attractiveness to pests, speeding up decomposition and reducing pest interest.
  • Vapor Barrier Installation: Install a vapor barrier to keep the crawl space dry and less inviting to pests.

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Creating a moisture-managed home enhances air quality, strengthens structural integrity, and boosts energy efficiency. Wondering which moisture control solution fits your needs best? Let us guide you through your options, address any concerns, and schedule an installation at your convenience. Ready to improve your crawl space conditions? Contact Otho’s Pest Management for expert advice and service. Our team is prepared to help you achieve a moisture-free crawl space.

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Chris Ayers is professional and very nice to come anytime we ask and always calls ahead we are very happy he is our technician.


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We've used Otho's for many years and they have always done a great job, been very dependable and I have recommended them on many occasions to friends, family, etc.


Washington, NC


After battling ants for several summers, I finally called Otho's. They scheduled an appointment for the next week and arrived on time. The technician was very polite and friendly, as well as very thorough.


Randleman, NC

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