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What are wildlife pests?

Many different wildlife pests live close to people without us knowing, even right under our feet. Animals like voles and moles may be living underground in your yard, and you would not know until they cause a problem. Whereas squirrels make their presents known, sometimes breaking into attics or walls to get through the winter.

One regularly forgotten pest group is bats, which are flying mammals that sleep during the day and hunt for prey at night.

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Are wildlife pests dangerous?

Not all wildlife poses a health concern to people. Like moles and voles, some are more of a nuisance, damaging lawns and plants. But pests like squirrels and bats are dangerous because of the diseases and parasites they spread and the contamination they can cause.

Bats, in particular, cause a lot of concern with their waste, which is called guano. If bats live in one place for a long time or in large populations, their waste can build up, leading to damage. Plus, bats carry rabies!

Why do I have a wildlife pest problem?

Here are the reasons you may be experiencing the different wildlife discussed:

  • It is a common misconception that moles and voles only infest unhealthy lawns. The truth is that healthier lawns are more attractive to these animals because they will have more food variety and softer soil, making it easier to tunnel.

  • Squirrels are notorious for raiding bird feeders, and even feeders that are "squirrel-proof" can drop seeds where these animals can get them. If you have many trees on or near your property, chances are squirrels are there as well.

  • Bats are more common than you may think, but we don't see them as we do with squirrels because bats are nocturnal. But bats look for water and insects for food, living close to these resources shelters spots.

Both bats and squirrels can get inside attic or outbuildings through small openings and will do so if they need someone safe to hide.

Where will I find wildlife pests?

Wildlife like moles and voles are not likely to ever be an issue inside your home but instead stay outside where they live underground. In contrast, squirrels and bats can cause problems in your yard and infest attics and outbuildings.

How do I get rid of wildlife pests?

If you are dealing with wildlife pests on your property, you can count on Otho's Pest Management for full-service wildlife control. We have affiliations with the NC Wildlife Federation and NC Pest Management Association and always use the safest methods for pest control.

Contact Otho's Pest Management to hear more about how we can help you with whatever wildlife problem you have.

How can I prevent wildlife pests in the future?

Aside from professional pest control in Asheboro, the best way to keep wildlife from becoming a problem in the future is by having a yard and home maintenance plan:

  • Check fences for damage and make repairs as necessary.

  • Replace flimsy garbage cans with ones that cannot fall over easily and have fitting lids.

  • Remove fallen fruits and other food from your yard, including bird feeders.

  • Look for and fix any entry points into the home, including uncapped chimneys, uncovered vents, and holes along the roofline.

If you want prevention and control methods for specific pests, give us a call at Otho's Pest Management.

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