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Ants In Greensboro: How To Handle An Infestation

March 16, 2024 - Ants

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small ants on a scrap of food

Are ants crawling all over your floors? If so, you're not alone; ants are common household invaders. While they are essential to our ecosystem and help with everything from soil aeration to pest control, they can readily become nuisances that can contaminate your pantry items and cause damage to the structure of your home. On top of it, they can be challenging to eradicate.

In this article on ant control in Greensboro, you will learn all about the types of ants that routinely invade our homes and the damage they can cause. We will also review why ants are on your property and what you can do to eliminate them.

Types Of Ants That Routinely Invade Greensboro Homes

Greensboro is home to different types of ants, some more problematic than others. Next, we will discuss the most common in this area.

Carpenter ants favor damp wood they can tunnel through to build nests. In the process, they will also cause structural damage. You can find these destructive invaders anywhere from wall voids and attics to crawl spaces.

Fire ants are another common nuisance. They are aggressive and can inflict painful stings on you and your pets. Their large, dome-shaped nests are relatively easy to recognize if constructed in your lawn or garden.

Finally, we have odorous ants, aptly named as they will emit an unpleasant odor if you crush them. Sugar and greasy foods are magnets for them. They frequently take over kitchens and pantries where they will find abundant food sources. Unfortunately, they are notorious carriers of pathogens that can contaminate your home.

Scheduling an inspection at the first sign of an ant infestation is essential to prevent these issues.

Ants and Structural Damage: The Hidden Costs of Infestations

Ant infestations can go unnoticed for a long time. You might only suspect a problem when the damage is severe and extensive. Carpenter ants are common culprits. They will hollow out any wooden structure in your home, from support beams to furniture, to create nests. Repairs can be costly.

Moisture-seeking pests like carpenter ants can be a sign of pre-existing water damage. If you spot these destructive and unwanted guests, it might be time for a thorough consultation with an expert who can determine the extent of the problem and the factors that led to it.

To address your ant infestations, you must first discover why these tiny scavengers chose your property as their new home.

Why Are There Ants On My Property?

There are many reasons why ants might be present on your property, including the following:

  • Food: If you have readily available food sources, from crumbs to open packages, it is often only a matter of time until you end up with a pest problem. Keep garbage cans closed, put away pet food after feeding, and use sturdy storage containers to keep ants at bay.

  • Shelter and nesting sites: Your property might give ants ideal shelter and nesting sites, including moist or decaying wood in your yard, leaf litter, and hiding spots where ants can start colonies.

  • High humidity: Ants are adaptable, but they favor warmth and water. Everything from moisture-rich soil to standing water can attract ants.

Identifying these factors is only half the battle. Working with the pros is vital to get rid of ants on your property any time of year.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Ants In Your House

Calling the experts at Otho's Pest Management will give you the best results to manage your ant infestations. The most widespread intrusions are no match for our advanced ant control techniques in Greensboro. We will swiftly identify the type of ants present and recommend the best strategies for your needs and situation.

Don't allow your ant population to multiply and cause further damage to your home. Contact us today to rid your home of these unwanted scavengers with reliable ant pest control services, this time for good.

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