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Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife: Effective Strategies For Control And Prevention In Greensboro

November 16, 2023 - Wildlife

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raccoon on roof of home

Living in Greensboro offers a beautiful blend of urban life and natural surroundings. However, it also comes with the challenges of dealing with nuisance wildlife. From raccoons and squirrels to skunks and birds, these creatures can invade your home and garden, causing significant damage. Below, we'll explore effective strategies for general prevention and wildlife control in Greensboro.

Common Wildlife Intruders: Identifying The Culprits

Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and birds are some of the most common wildlife intruders in Greensboro. Recognizing their presence is needed to implement appropriate wildlife control measures:

  • Raccoons, with their nimble hands, are notorious for rummaging through garbage cans, leaving a mess in their wake. They are expert scavengers who can easily invade your property for food, creating a potential health hazard.

  • Squirrels are adept climbers and often seek refuge in attics, where they build nests and may gnaw electrical wires. 

  • Skunks are known for their distinctive odor, but their digging habits can wreak havoc in gardens. They dig up lawns in search of insects and grubs, destroying carefully landscaped areas. 

  • Birds, while charming, can cause significant issues when they build nests in vents and chimneys. 

Identifying their habits helps homeowners target specific prevention techniques and better prepare for nuisance wildlife removal.

Assessing Wildlife Damage: The Impact Of Nuisance Animals On A Home

Wildlife intrusions can have various adverse effects on a home. They can damage property structures, chew on wires, contaminate insulation, and create health hazards by spreading diseases. For example, the constant gnawing of squirrels can damage electrical wiring, posing a fire risk to your home—while bird nests can block proper ventilation, and their droppings can corrode metal and concrete over time. Other nuisance wildlife in Greensboro may dig up landscaping and cause damage to the exterior of the home. 

Identifying their presence early on is key to preventing extensive damage. Locating chewed wires, droppings, and unusual noises can help homeowners understand the severity of the problem.

Wildlife-Proofing Your Property: Effective Prevention Methods

Preventing wildlife intrusions requires a combination of techniques to make your property less attractive to these creatures: 

  • Start by sealing all potential entry points, such as gaps in roofs, walls, and foundations. 

  • Use chimney caps and mesh screens to cover vents and openings. 

  • Secure trash cans, remove fallen fruits and seeds, and trim branches near your house to eliminate potential food sources and entry points. 

  • Installing motion-activated lights and sprinklers can also deter wildlife from approaching your property.

  • Certain plants and herbs like marigold, mint, and lavender can repel common wildlife. 

  • Predator urine and noise machines imitating the sounds of natural predators can also discourage animals from settling near your home.

Understanding the habits of common wildlife intruders, assessing the damage they cause, and implementing effective prevention methods enable you to protect your property. And, considering the benefits of professional wildlife removal, you can enjoy a peaceful coexistence with nature, undisturbed by nuisance wildlife.

The Benefits Of Professional Wildlife Removal: Why Hire Experts

While DIY prevention methods can be helpful, professional wildlife removal in Greensboro offers several advantages. Experts have the knowledge and experience to safely handle wildlife and remove the animals without harming them. 

Professional wildlife control services often come with warranties, providing peace of mind to homeowners. Moreover, they are well-versed in local regulations and ethical guidelines, ensuring the humane treatment of animals. Hiring experts not only saves time and effort but also guarantees a thorough and ethical resolution to the wildlife intrusion problem.

If you're facing wildlife intrusions, don't hesitate to contact our experts at Otho's Pest Management today. Let us help you protect your home and maintain the harmony between urban living and Greensboro's natural beauty.

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