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Craven, NC Pest Control

Craven County represents a collection of rural and waterfront communities on North Carolina’s stunning east coast. There are cities like New Bern and towns like Vanceboro, all of which represent everything that the county has to offer. Given Craven County’s diverse landscape and growing population, pest problems develop throughout the year around homes and businesses.

At Otho’s Pest Management, we do everything in our ability to ensure that our neighbors don’t suffer from these unwanted visitors. Homeowners and businesses have relied on our quality Craven County pest control since 1976, and we continue to provide excellent service to this day. We supply our customers with highly-detailed and customized pest control solutions that are built to last. Because of our decades of experience, we have the ability to treat for pests like fruit flies, cockroaches, termites, rodents, wildlife, and more. Each service that we offer is backed by our pest-free guarantee as well.

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Residential Pest Control In Craven County

craven nc pest control

Whether you’re concerned about seasonal invaders like mosquitoes around your Craven County yard or you want to prevent routine pests like house flies and ants, Otho’s Pest Management has the answers for you. Our locally-owned business has been providing local homeowners with high-quality pest control since 1976. In this time, we have serviced thousands of happy customers who have benefited from our customized approach to eliminating and preventing pests. Our general pest control program is designed to address pests such as earwigs, rodents, silverfish, and more. 

We perform detailed home inspections at every visit and usually suggest recurring service on a quarterly basis. The treatments that we perform take place both inside and outside of your home and are dependent on your specific needs. We also offer lawn care, seasonal pest control, and moisture control, all of which come with our satisfaction guarantee. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Craven County

As a business owner in Craven County, you have a lot of things to manage and pest problems should not be one of them. At Otho’s Pest Management, we take the guesswork out of pest control by providing stress-free and reliable services that you can trust. Our company was established in 1976 and during this time, we have always acted with our customers’ best interests in mind. What makes our company unique is that we take the time to understand your needs and we tend to them as if they were our own. We have the training and the experience to address a wide variety of pests spanning from termites to spiders and more, and we’re also able to work across industries, from schools to medical facilities. 

During our visits to your property, we will always provide a complete property inspection so that we can check on past treatments and check for new issues. Together, we’ll develop a course of action that will deter future issues and eliminate the pest pressures that you currently face; we guarantee it.

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Five Reasons Why You're Attracting Fleas To Your Craven County Yard

If you’ve ever wondered why there are fleas in your Craven County yard, here are five ways that you might be attracting them without even knowing it:

  1. There are rodents and wildlife populations present around your property.

  2. Your cats and dogs aren’t properly treated for fleas and other parasites.

  3. There is an abundance of shady areas around your property. 

  4. Your neighbor has a flea problem and it’s spread to you.

  5. You brought them back attached to secondhand furniture or your personal belongings.

Flea outbreaks can be potentially dangerous to people, but they are notorious for causing health issues in family pets, which is why the safest thing to do if you notice any around your yard or home is seek professional help from Otho’s Pest Management. To learn more about our flea control services, contact us today.

What Cockroach Season Means For Craven County Homes

Cockroaches are a significant pest issue for Craven County properties because they invade in large numbers, are difficult to eliminate, and can spread harmful pathogens. Cockroach season is most closely linked to the summer months, but the truth is that the warm and humid conditions that the area provides in fall are also ideal for them. What this means is that local homeowners can expect to see an increase in cockroaches because this is when they breed most intensely. 

If homes have had subtle cockroach problems that residents were unaware of, they may grow exponentially, bringing increased exposure to the aforementioned health risks and more difficulty getting rid of the roaches. The presence of cockroaches during the summer and fall months can seem endless for locals, but with help from Otho’s Pest Management, that doesn’t have to be the case. We provide homeowners with customized treatments that create a barrier around their properties to keep cockroaches away. 

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Comprehensive Pest Control Is The Best Way To Deter Craven Wildlife

If you're running into wildlife issues on your property in Craven, NC, you are not alone. There's a reason why we offer comprehensive services for wildlife control in Craven, and that's because it's a prevalent problem in the area. You're most likely to run into the following types of wildlife on your property:

  • Voles

  • Moles

  • Bats

  • Squirrels

AT Otho's Pest Management, our full-service wildlife control experts are here to put your pest problems to rest. We're the licensed wildlife damage control agent you can count on to restore the health and safety of your property. Our strong affiliations with the NC Wildlife Federation and NC Pest Management Association enable us to take care of any wildlife control issues on your property.

Leave raccoons, mice, bats, and squirrels to us so you can get back to life without these pesky pests taking up your time and sanity. You can rely on us to use the safest animal control methods at all times in order to resolve your wildlife issues in the best possible way. Give us a call today so we can help you handle wildlife on your property.

Where Termite Activity Is Most Common Inside Craven Homes

If you've ever heard about a property that incurred termite damage, you probably know it isn't typically a pretty story. Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage in the United States on an annual basis, none of which is covered by homeowners' insurance. Needless to say, they're not the type of pest you want taking up residence on your Craven, NC, property. 

You might wonder where this potentially expensive and extensive property damage usually occurs. Well, the wooden structures of your property are the termite's target. They chew away at wooden structures, compromising their structural integrity over time. If a termite infestation is allowed to continue for long enough, an entire property could be compromised. 

In Craven, there are three types of termites notorious for taking a toll on local properties:

  • Flying

  • Formosan

  • East Subterranean

Our experts here at Otho's Pest Management specialize in treating these common types of termites and protecting the properties of friends and neighbors in our area. We're the company to call when you need service for termite control in Craven. Give Otho's Pest Management a call to schedule your appointment today.

Pre-Treatment Services For New Constructions In Craven

Homebuilders need professional pre-treatment construction pest control services in Craven to start their projects off on the right foot. We kill bugs on slabs and come back to spray the soil once the ground is ready to start construction at no extra charge. Our service is unparalleled in the area, giving us the privilege of being regarded as the most trusted pre-treatment construction service available in Craven and the surrounding areas.

As a homebuilder in the area, you need a pest-free place to build, and our team of experts here at Otho's Pest Management will provide the exceptional services you're looking for. We go above and beyond to ensure pest activity doesn't compromise your lot or building materials. You can count on us to get the job done right so you can focus on doing yours in an uninterrupted and seamless manner. 

Before making headway on your next construction project, reach out to our technicians to schedule your appointment. We'll accommodate you with the affordable and convenient pre-treatment construction pest control services you need. Trust us and allow us the opportunity to earn your return business and referrals. You won't be disappointed with the results, and we look forward to helping you out soon.

How Moisture Control Services Preserve Craven Homes

Moisture control services can be essential in preserving the lifespan of the property you've invested so much in. Our moisture control specialists here at Otho's Pest Management are happy to help address areas of concern within your home. We can effectively handle fungi control services and drain installation inside crawl spaces and outside. Not to mention, we install dehumidifiers and vapor barriers.

Vapor barriers are thick sheets of plastic that cover the floor of your crawl space. In order to prevent water intrusion and excessive humidity, we seal foundation vents in the crawl space. We use dehumidifiers to dry the area out, especially when wood moisture content is over 20%.

When you utilize our moisture control services, you set yourself up for success. You can make the most out of your basement and stop mold before it ever gets the chance to compromise the health conditions of your property. For mold prevention and more, take advantage of our moisture control service in Craven by contacting Otho's Pest Management today. We'll schedule your appointment and have your property treated in no time.

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